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The Bumblebee Flies Anyway (2000)

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Elijah Wood as Barney Snow
"What was I supposed to do? Pull the plug and hide you in the cupboard?"

Life is a Terminal Illness
"Your process is My Life."
The maintenance of a caring distance is important for the work.
"I am Barney Snow. Will I always know that?"
"Blab on—I like the sound of it."
"The nights are the longest"
Elijah Wood gives his Frodo glance as Barney Snow, The Ice Man.
"If you could let go of your past—to have a future, would you do it? Well, that's what I did. Now, this is my life.
"Even through the fog I was living, the memories of you were the most clear—only you, Cassie."

The Ice Man's melting, Billy.
"We go together, Mazzo."

"Look at me! I came back in the same life and I got to meet Billy and Allie and Cassie and you. Hold tight, pal. Hold tight."