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The Faculty (1998)
Trivia & Notes


Edward C. Patterson, site owner
Annie Graham, copy editor


Here are some interesting notes about The Faculty, which have appeared in various trivia questions on Internet boards or could well appear.

  1. There are many logical and continuity issues with the Faculty, such as Josh Harnett running out of scat and having to go out to his car for some more. How in the blue-mangoes did they get to the gym in the first place if not in his car and why didn’t the boy genius take some since they knew they were out of it?
  2. Salma Hayak so far holds the crown of being in 3 films with Elijah Wood—The Faculty, Chain of Fools and Spy Kids 3-D. She also had not one scene with the actor. A similar anomaly is that Josh Harnett also appears in Sin City and also does not have a scene with Elijah in that film.
  3. The Faculty marks the first time Elijah gets to say the F word on the screen, and he does so 4 times, one in the boy’s bathroom, once to Delilah when emphasizing the word comet, once telling Josh Harnett bluntly to "Fuck you" and once when Josh scares him in the formula- delayed scary bit at the end. The word is used as an adverb throughout and never as a noun as it is frequently used in Ash Wednesday and All I Want.
  4. This is the first film of three that Elijah appeared in directed by Robert Rodriguez, the others being Spy Kids 3-D and Sin City. These latter are usually regarded as cameos as Rodriguez tends to work with the same core of actors and Elijah Wood added some name-power to his small, but edible role, in Sin City.
  5. The creature in The Faculty looked very much like The Watcher in the Water from The Fellowship of the Ring. This reviewer wonders if Peter Jackson drew any inspiration from Robert Rodriguez’s vision as Tolkien never describes the Watch adequately in the trilogy.
  6. Although Elijah appeared on the cover of LOOK Magazine in 2005, it was in The Faculty that he appeared on both the covers of TIME and NEWSWEEK as part of the last scene.
  7. During the shoot of The Faculty, Elijah Wood heard about auditions for Peter Jackson’s film The Lord of the Rings. He went into the Hollywood hills with a director friend and shot a video of Frodo Baggins material and sent it off to New Zealand. Although Pete Jackson had stated that he would only use English actors to play the four Hobbits, Elijah’s audition tape won him over and can we ever imagine anyone else in that part? Never was actor and role so well met.
  8. Elijah Wood is famous for his blue eyes, but also for his famous sideways prat fall, a sort of slip he can do so klutzily as to be believable. He does this slip in Flipper, Huck Finn, Chain of Fools and even in The Lord of the Rings. In The Faculty he does it wice, once in the hallway escaping the Faculty and once poolside (maybe even twice poolside) escaping the creature.