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Huck Finn (1993)

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"Hells Bells, Jim!!!"

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True Blue Huck Finn
"To preach before a king you gots to have lots of style goin' on."
"Always so troublesome doing right and so darn easy doing wrong!"
Is that clove in this pipe—a pre-The Faculty smoke
"Personally I don't see much glory in punching an ignorant lard ass. But I gots to."
A fiesty Elijah Wood.
Huck explains how he lost his School clothes.
"I don't think I can stand it, 'cause I've been there before."
Huck eulogizes Billy Grangerford
"I've never heard such talk in my life."

Huck and Jim escape from Jackson Island
The "Money Shot"
Huck at the Blood Fued.
Huck explains how his mother ran off with an acrobat
"Don't cry for me, Mr. Finn . . You're the only friend I ever had."
Shades of Rivendell and the Houses of Healing
"They said they're goin' to civilize me."
Elijah Wood and Anne Heche
Huck and the River Pirates