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Oliver Twist (1997)

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Elijah Wood as Jack Dawkins "The Artful Dodger"
"It was never a game, mate. We only thought it was." Wood and Alex Trench
"I'd matriculate to one of the finest institutions of 'igher learning in the country"
Bill Sikes threatens the Dodger
Elijah Wood and David O'Hara
"A friend is just an enemy in disguise. You can't trust nobody."
Richard Dreyfuss, Alex Trench & Elijah Wood
Jack Dawkins leads Fagin's Boys
Posed publicity shot - Alex Trench, Richard Dreyfuss & Elijah Wood
"What's your name, me flash companion."

"Stealin's an art. I don't 'old with amateurs muckin' up the business."
Jack Dawkins and Bill Sikes