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Writing Good Stories
The Novelization Process
Approaching Revisions
Rethinking and Revising Imagery

Revising the Horror of Stage Directions
Maintaining and Violating POV
Logic vs. Illogic - Hanging the Lanterns

How to End a Novel

Sound and Sense - Shelley vs Dickens

New Leaves in the Wind - Essays on the Interet Experience



Ever wonder why large corporations have difficulty with the web experience, while individuals find it a piece of cake? Well, as a recovering webaholic, I will provide you with a recipe for failure from my own private stock of real comedia del'Arte characters. You'll witness the Branding Police, the gazzillion dollar projects that never get launched, the manifesto of technocracy to prevent the web from become too human or democratic. There's Thrills and chills as we follow the adventures of Super Dick the Web Rogue on his road to success and failure.

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New Leaves in the Wind

The Confessions of a Recovering Webaholic

By E. C. Patterson

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